Backup your Phone Wirelessly

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backup your phone wirelessly

Hello guys, what’s going on? Hope you are doing well. Today I will show you a very useful method to Backup your Phone Wirelessly. Generally we use cloud backup or we backup data to our pc using data cable. Cloud backup is very secure and easy method to backup your phone but it has some limitations. It needs faster internet connection for faster backup, you have to pay for good amount of storage space, it consumes lots of data and it needs internet connection constantly. But backup your phone wirelessly with usb without wire gives you freedom to backup your phone locally, you don’t need to relay on internet speed. As much as you have storage in your pc you can backup and the important thing is you don’t need any usb cable and wire that’s why you don’t need to relay on them. So lets learn this method to Backup your Phone Wirelessly.

Why you will Backup your Phone Wirelessly?

No USB cable no plug in and plug out head ache.
It is free.
It is fast.
Use as much as you have ( Storage )
No internet connection needed while backing up your data.
Backup your Phone Wirelessly to your PC without USB Cable is very easy.

Requirements to Backup your Phone Wirelessly

You need your PC & Phone and you are good to go.

Explaining Backup your Phone Wirelessly

Let’s know about it and how it works. As we know we just need 2 devices. Make sure WiFi is enable/turned on in your PC. Now you have to install a software to your phone as well as to your PC. Today I will perform this method to backup phone wirelessly using Zapya app. This app is easy to configure and easy to use, also this app is totally free. You can perform this method by connecting both devices in a same network or by creating a personal network/hotspot. After connecting both devices you are good to execute your task. So lets being the process.

Follow these steps given bellow:-

Step:- 1

Download and Install Zapya App from PlayStore then Click

Step:- 2

Click on Allow –>> Click on Allow –>> Slide Right to Left –>> Slide Right to Left –>> Click on Start

Step:- 3

Now Download Zapya App for PC from here

Click on the image for direct download

Step:- 4

Install Zapya App in your PC

Locate the File –>> Select Zapya App and double click on it –>> Click on Yes –>> Accepts the agreement –>> click on Next –>> click on Next –>> click on next –>> click on next –>> click on install –>> uncheck view help –>> click on finish

Step:- 5

Open Zapya App in Your PC and Click on Create Hotspot Group

Step:- 6

Zapya App is already opened in your phone, Now click on Connect

zapya app in phone click on connect

Step:- 7

Click on the icon given below –>> Click on join Group –>> give all permissions required–>> You can see the hotspot in your device –>> Click on the hotspot

Step:- 8

As you can see, your pc asking for a code which is displayed on your phone. Enter the code in youre PC for further process.

After this process you can see similar to this

Step:- 9

In your phone click on backup –>> Choose your data which you want to backup

Step:- 10

Click on Backup on your Phone –>> You can see file is transfering to your PC

After completeing the procedure you can see similar to this

zapya app for pc backup complete

To access your backup files you can locate youre file here C:\Users\AMi-i\Documents\Zapya\Backup or Click on Folder icon

Hope You Enjoyed 🙂 Thank You 🙂 Stay With us.

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