Experience Cloud Gaming With NVIDIA GeForce Now in INDIA

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Hello Gamers the future is here. Spending lots of money for your system! expensive upgradations! no compability issues, no multiple installation headache. You just nee a PC or a Mobile or a TV or a Tablet!! You have many choices for your desired gaming experiance. Many problems have one solution! Cloud gaming is the perfect solution for your headache. NVIDIA GeForce Now is a wonderful platform for your ultimate gaming experiance. So lets begin.

Hey Gamers, Today I will show you how to use NVIDIA GeForce Now in INDIA. Be ready for the ultimate gaming experiance.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming or Gaming on Demand is a service where you can play video games without installing that game in your computer via internet. In this case you will be connected to a Remote Server, the game will be running on that Remote Server and you can see the output of the game on your mobile phone.

Cloud Gaming

How Cloud Gaming Works?

Here You can use your phone, pc or android tv. You need to download a software from the Cloud Gaming service provider where the software will work as platform. It will be connected to a remote server and it will play your desired game. The software will provide you the output of the game.

How cloud gamig works


NVIDIA is a well-known company for Manufacturing and Designing GPU, System Chips and many more. Now NVIDIA has started Cloud Gaming services globally except some countries.

NVIDIA GeForce Cloud Gaming services :-

Here NVIDIA GeForce Now offering Paid and Free online gaming services. In their platform there is lots of games free and paid. If you already purchased games from stream then it will sync it and let’s you play.

Requirements for NVIDIA GeForce Cloud Gaming :-

Just you need a device like mobile phone or android tv or pc and an internet connection. Using a gamepad provide you a better gaming experience.

An Update for Gamers arround the Globe

NVIDIA GeForce Now Cloud Gaming is an emerging cloud gaming service provider across the world.  But it is not available in few countries like India. 

If NVIDIA GeForce Now Cloud Gaming is not available in your country then follow this steps.


Download any VPN from play store

melon vpn android play store app installation

Click Image to Download Melon VPN

Here I am using Melon VPN


After installing the VPN click on open

Melon VPN after installation


Connect your VPN to any USS server odd you can connect your VPN where NVIDIA GeForce Now is working

melon vpn server list (american servers)


Download NVIDIA GeForce Now From ApkPure

Download NVIDIA GeForce Now From ApkPure


Install NVIDIA GeForce Now

Install NVIDIA GeForce Now


Click on Open and Wait for few seconds for while downloading few files.

Nvidia Geforce Now cloud gaming app additional data download

After opening the application you can see there is lots of games. Enjoy them. You can purchase or enjoy free games.

Nvidia Geforce Now cloud gaming android app

Let’s explore Free to play


Choose any game from free to play

Nvidia Geforce Now Cloud Gaming Free to Play


Click on the game and click on play option

Apex legend free to play nvidia geforce now cloud gaming

After clicking play option it will analyse your network. Wait it may take some time. Depending on your network and location.

Nvidea Geforce Now cloud gaming analysing network


Choose your gaming account and login into this.

Nvidia Geforce Now cloud gaming apex legend before play account choose

Wait for sometime when the game is loading

After login you can play game using virtual gamepad and keyboard. A physical gamepad provide you better control.

Enjoy your favourite game.

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