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by theamiran
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Want to control your PC remotely? Today I will show you how to use your computer using your Android phone. Monect PC remote is wonderful utility to achieve the goal. PC remote control can help you in many aspects you can also share your file. There are many software you can find on internet, which helps you to control your computer from your mobile phone.

Today I am gonna use PC remote by Monect, Inc and show you how to use this application so you can use your phone to control your computer.

Why Monect PC Remote software?

 Actually, it’s a very useful app. This app has very useful features. Some of the features are-

  1. You can Shut down, Restart, Hibernate, Lock your computer and many more,
  2. Can be used as mobile phone screen as a mouse pad,
  3. You can control your media such as you can control volume play pause forward backward any song or video
  4. You can use it for showing any kind of presentation on PPT
  5. Also, you can use your mobile phone as a gamepad, you can customise your gamepad as per as your requirement. Also, there are some 90s games like Mario, Contra etc you can play it using your mobile phone in your computer
  6. Also, it has remote desktop connection. You can see your computer screen in your mobile phone and use it as per as your needs.
  7. There is a feature called projector, so in this feature you can project your mobile screen or you can cast your phone to your computer.
  8. It has Data Cable feature, so wirelessly can share your data from your phone to your PC using data cable feature. It uses FTP server wirelessly to connect your phone and its shares data using it.
  9. It has an option called This PC, here you can access your Drives, Folder, Files on your mobile. You can delete, play, cut, copy those files and folders.

In this app there is an option called Tast manager. You can see running services which are running in your PC.

Monect pc remote step by step configuration

This is an amazing App. Let’s see how to do it. Please follow below instruction.


At first open Google Play Store in your mobile and search PC Remote Receiver > Click on Install

Monect PC Remote Download


Download Monect PC Remote Receiver on your PC from here

Monect PC Remote Receiver Page


You can find your downloaded file in your download folder.

Monect PC Remote Reciever download location of the file


Install this file.

Monect PC Remote Reciever Installation


After installing this file click uncheck and click on finish.

Monect PC Remote Receiver installation finish on PC


Connect Your Phone and PC in same network or follow this step.

Turn on Hotspot in your Mobile

Turn on hotspot on your phone


Connect your Mobile and PC in same network or follow this step.

In your PC open network and connect to your mobile hotspot.

Connect wifi to your computer


Open PC Remote Receiver in your PC

Monect PC Remote Receiver first open on PC


Open PC Remote App in your phone and press ok.

Monect PC Remote first open page


Now click on Me.

Monect PC Remote connect option


Click on connect.

Monect PC Remote PC found

Click on your computer and enjoy 😊

For details please watch this video.

FAQ about pc remote control.

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Very gratified and impressed to see your knowledge.

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