The Best Free VPN On the Internet for your Android Mobile Phone

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Now days VPN is very important for our daily life. Sometime at some point we lose our privacy day by day time by time. So VPN provides some layers of security to maintain our privacy.

What is the best free VPN for Android Devices?

There are lots of free VPN apps in Play Store but Melon VPN is the most useful and fastest and very secure.

It’s shows you the list of the servers available, here you can see the traffics of the servers. There are lots of servers available and you can use there premium service by watching some ads.

Best Free VPN is Here

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

VPN connects private network with a public network. It helps users to send and received data in shared or public networks. You can say it a n encrypted connection which is connect via a tunnel.

What is VPN

What are the uses of VPN?

VPN helps us to use internet with more security, help you to hide from your ISP, if you are using in normal internet connection then your ISP please tracking you and they know what you are looking in the internet so VPN helps you to hide from your ISP and you can access some of the website which is is not accessible in your region.

So let’s see how to use it and configure it


Search Melon VPN on Play Store

Melon vpn search on google playstore


Install it

Melon VPN android play store app installation


After installing Melon VPN click on open

Melon VPN after installation


First page of Melon VPN after opening

Melon VPN after installation


You can click on connect or click on top left corner of your phone ( It will show you list of available servers )

Melon vpn server list


Here you can see Servers and their traffic’s

Melon vpn list of servers with traffic status


Choose the server whatever you want

Melon vpn server list


It will ask for a connection request click on okay

Melon vpn connection request

Wait for a while the collection will be established.

You can change service by clicking top left side corner off your mobile phone

To disconnect it click on tap to stop.

Your connection will be disconnected

Enjoy this free and fast VPN.

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